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An unforgettable performance

As a Magician performing since 1975, I have been in the entertainment business long enough to understand what the audience needs and what my host wants out of a performance. Let me help make your party or event unforgettable. Contact me to find out more about my services and rates.

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I'm delighted to provide a glowing testimonial for Craig Moran, the magician who recently graced our party with his incredible talents. From the moment he arrived, it was evident that we were in for a mesmerizing and enchanting experience.

Craig's performance was nothing short of spectacular. His magic left our guests, both young and old, in awe. His sleight of hand was nothing short of mind-boggling, and his ability to engage the audience was truly remarkable. We were treated to a wide range of tricks and illusions that kept everyone on the edge of their seats throughout the evening.

What impressed us the most about Craig was not just his magical abilities, but also his charismatic and friendly demeanor. He effortlessly connected with our guests, making them feel like active participants in his magical world. He added a dash of humor and a touch of mystery to each act, creating an atmosphere of wonder and delight that was absolutely infectious.

Craig's professionalism was evident from the initial contact to the event itself. He was punctual, well-prepared, and seamlessly integrated his performance into the flow of the party. 

The feedback we received from our guests was overwhelmingly positive. Many of them were still discussing his tricks and attempting to decipher his magic long after he had left. Craig's performance truly added that special something to our party that made it memorable for everyone.

In addition to his magical talents, Craig's willingness to tailor his performance to our event's specific needs was greatly appreciated. He took the time to understand our audience and the atmosphere we wanted to create, which resulted in a customized and unforgettable experience.

If you're looking for a magician who can elevate your event to new heights, Craig Moran is the perfect choice. He is not just a magician; he is a master of enchantment and a true entertainer. We are grateful to have had him at our party, and we can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you, Craig, for making our event magical and unforgettable!

 M. Luke

Perry Mansion Halloween Party 2023

Luke Properties Sioux Falls, SD.


The Fun

I put on a show that everyone can enjoy. I am friendly and guarantee to give your party the spark it needs to be a blast. I am a master performer, combining artistry and philosophy with my physical abilities to create wonderful performances that will take your breath away. Have a look at some of my specialties below.



Performed on a stage, and it most commonly consists of illusions. An illusion is simply an effect in which a magician demonstrates something, but what the audience is seeing the magician demonstrate is not actually what is being done, for optical reasons. I invite you to join me for a one-of-a-kind experience. I guarantee you and your guests will have an incredible time watching me perform no matter how many times you’ve seen me in the past. My goal is to produce unforgettable performances accessible to all audiences. Rates for Stage are generally $475 - $1000

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Parlor magic is magic that is done for more people than close-up magic, but less than stage magic. The magician is usually standing on the same level as the audience. No stage is usually involved. Less elaborate, expensive, big props are used which means the magic can be performed closer to the audience than stage magic. Rates for stand - up are generally $245 - $375

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Performed in an intimate setting usually no more than ten feet from one's audience and is usually performed while sitting at a table I invite you to join me for a one-of-a-kind experience. I guarantee you and your guests will have an incredible time watching me perform no matter how many times you’ve seen me in the past. Just have fun! Rates for Close - up are generally $125 - $195




Our priority is for you and your guests to have the time of your life. Whether it's a close-up, Parlour or Stage performance? we're going to make it a moment remember for all attending. That's our promise! Call us today

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